Who we are?

We are an innovative sustainable environmental solutions company managed by a group of professionals.

We developed our own pyrolysis technology and are technology driven.

We are based in Hong Kong.

Our Intellectual Properties

  • We hold a number of invention and utility patents relating to our pyrolysis technology and processes

Our Aim

We intend to make use of our pyrolysis technology and processing techniques to customize a waste plastic recycling model for Hong Kong

State-of-the-Art Technology

We jointly developed our pyrolysis technology with our Japan and China partners that optimizes efficiencies and oil yield, while mitigating environmental concerns


To set up a pyrolysis processing operation that covers logistics, waste processing, and distribution as a viable solution for Hong Kong on waste plastics

Comprehensive range of oil product offerings

Our pyrolysis solutions offer a full range of crude waste plastics pyrolytic oils (“WPPO”)

Recycling Hub

With support from Government and various stakeholders, make Hong Kong become a clean waste plastics recycling hub

End Game

To create a sustainable solution to waste plastics, delivering circular economy and reducing carbon footprint

Our technology



Waste plastics are converted into crude oil and char that can be reused as energy sources


Waste plastics to WPPO Conversion

Waste plastics to WPPO conversion can reach as high as 90%



We make use of our proprietary pyrolysis technology to process waste plastics. The process is 100% clean with minimal pollution

How it works?

Our apparatus utilizes high heat in an inert, oxygen-free environment to convert waste plastics into energy sources such as crude oil, char, and gases.

Key Characteristics of our pyrolysis apparatus

R&D Driven

With the core pyrolysis system in place, we are currently focusing our effort on R&D. We set up a R&D center at the Hong Kong Science Park with aim to do the following:

  • Further research for exploration and utilisation of cheap catalysts, such as natural zeolites, to further reduce the process cost, improve product quality and overall process optimization

  • Regeneration and reuse of catalysts

  • Detailed chemical characterization of end products

  • Exploration of further applications of produced liquid oil, gases and char to make this technology more economically sustainable

  • Comprehensive life cycle assessment

Latest News

Latest News


November 11th, 2020|Comments Off on 廢塑膠裂解及催化劑研究進展與展望

一、廢塑膠裂解催化劑研究進展 1、裂解的獨特性:通過裂解法將廢塑膠轉化為燃料油的技術既可以解決環境污染問題,又能夠緩解能源緊缺問題,尤其可以從根本上解決難以回收的低密度聚乙烯 (LDPE)、聚丙烯 (PP)和 聚苯乙烯 (PS)等類型的塑膠以及混合廢塑膠的回收利用問題,是目前廢塑膠回收利用技術中非常具有前景的研究方向1。 2、熱裂解:反應溫度高,反應時間長,所得汽油辛烷值低,且含有大量烯烴,誘導期短;柴油凝點高,十六烷值低,含蠟量高;輕油收率低,產品品質較差。 廢塑膠熱裂解製油技術是當前較成熟的廢塑膠回收利用技術2。 3、催化裂解:催化裂解是在催化劑存在條件下進行的裂解過程,在實際反應過程中熱裂解和催 化裂解同時發生。

Plastics – Friend or Foe?

August 16th, 2020|Comments Off on Plastics – Friend or Foe?

Take a look around you, we are surrounded by plastics.

Solutions that process waste plastics

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